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garden structure pergola with dougle columns

Whether it’s a place to sit, land, launch, store or shield, Wood House Carpentry is able to take on most any carpentry project. Looking to make your great outdoors a little greater? For many years, Wood House Carpentry has been exceeding customers’ needs, and standing behind design and craftsmanship of decks, docks, sheds, pergolas, and much more.


red oak stair newel post with railing

Jack of all trades master of none? Not here. As a master carpenter, I have the training, knowledge and experience to create the interior space that will match your vision using a well-developed workflow. For more than 19 years, Wood House Carpentry has installed all types of millwork, hardwood flooring and hardware in and around Southeast Michigan.


rip blade on table saw

Wood House Carpentry is a small company with large capabilities. Boasting our own fully-equipped workshop, we have all the machines used to manufacture any wood or wood substitute product to craft custom pieces for clients. We are also able to fabricate new and old trim profiles, cabinetry, entry and interior doors right here in Metro Detroit.


Cedar entry door in clamps

Our workshop is fully tooled to fabricate new and old trim profiles, cabinetry, entry and interior doors. Take advantage of our knowledge and vast history in architectural millwork, custom produced for individuals or any building project. While most carpenters are limited to store bought millwork, we can generate any interior / exterior decorative components.

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