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Some Past Projects

Oak Entry Door

An entry door must be functional keeping out unwanted elements such as wind cold and rain. However, there is no reason that same door can’t be engaging as well. A door provides protection and helps to set a tone for a home. That door whispers curb appeal and welcomes inhabitants and guests alike. Elements found in Wood House Carpentry custom doors such as solid cores, mortise and tenon joints, decorative trim and high-quality materials combine to equal function and beauty enhancing the comfort and style of a home. The opportunity for a first impression comes but once — and the door can either say common or exceptional before it even opens its hinges. Wood House Carpentry believes in exceptional.

Built in Cabinets

It’s said to never judge a book by it’s cover, but judge it by the content of its pages. Wood House Carpentry helps fill the pages of a home’s story by adding unique, custom and quality elements. Harkening back to homes and craftsmanship of long ago, built-in cabinetry increases a room’s function as well as appeal. Wood House Carpentry believes practicality and aesthetically pleasing can indeed live harmoniously. Fine craftsmanship boasting dovetail joints, recessed panels, and impeccable fit and finish are hallmarks employed. A new home is a book waiting to be written. Custom elements by Wood House Carpentry provides a solid setting from where life can continue to write the story.

A Red Shed

Whether it’s form following function or function following form, this barn-inspired 10’ x 12’ shed serves both. Practically speaking, this structure houses a lawn mower and other tools and equipment in their off-season. Imaginatively, seen from the home’s rear window, the shed sits in the center of a bucolic scene.

A Garden Gate

Tucked between reeds and cattails, this gate exhibits old world charm clad with mortise and tenon joinery, Penofin stain and seal, and finishing touches of steel hardware directly from a blacksmith supply company. From the house, this gate symbolizes a passageway to the wet and wonderful world of water sports. Seen from the lake, the gate is a beacon leading fresh water frolickers home.

Deck Railing

Designed and developed solely by Wood House Carpentry, this deck railing system delivers strength and presence. Stronger, higher in quality and more durable than its PVC and composite cousins, this railing offers more support, while costing less.

Man Cave Shed

Welcome to the “19th Hole.” An outdoor, above-ground, golf-themed man cave serves as a gathering place for friends, neighbors and family. Complete with a cedar bar, tongue-and-groove cedar walls, hops-growing planter boxes, a shade arbor, storage elements and room big enough for a ping pong table, poker table and flat screen TV. This shed is like no other.

Boat Dock

With a house sitting high atop a hill and multiple decks creating a terraced-effect leading to the water’s edge, a basic dock just would not do. Following the flow of the deck terraces between the house and water, the new dock was built to harmonize with the existing landscape as well as be sturdy and safe.